WeChat Marketing

WeChat Marketing Wukong Media February 10, 2023

WeChat Marketing

Want to establish credibility in the Chinese market? Let WeChat marketing handle it.

WeChat Ads

Similar to Facebook newsfeed ad, optimal for brand awareness. Unfortunately WeChat official ads are now Discontinued in Australia


WeChat Platform

Similar to a Facebook page, WeChat platform allows users to create posts and keep their followers informed of any promotional activities or updates. 

WeChat Media Ads

Australian Chinese news agencies have established a presence on the WeChat platform, providing a valuable opportunity for advertisers to reach their target audience.

WeChat Media Ads Process


Tell us your business model and what you want to achieve through our service.

network Reach out

We contact our partner networks for availability and discounts.

Content planning

We create content and graphic designs for the ad campaign.


Our news network publishes your articles or ads.


WeChat sponsored ads are banned in Australia. The only way to market on WeChat is to through Chinese news network. We only recommend running media ads on WeChat if you have a minimum of $5K AUD. 

1-2 weeks max. Occasionally it may take longer, it depends on your industry. For example medical or insurance related industries may take more than a week because you have to submit all the relevant certificates and legal documents to WeChat for verification.  

We offer comprehensive maintenance services for WeChat platforms to ensure their seamless operation. Additionally, you may consider hiring a dedicated Chinese employee to effectively manage your WeChat platform, ensuring optimal performance and seamless user experience.

Based on the industry you operate in, a minimum budget of $5,000 is usually required to effectively establish a brand presence in the Australian Chinese market. In case this budget is unavailable, we suggest exploring alternative options, such as utilising advertising on Little Red Book, which may prove to be a more effective solution.