Market to the Australian Chinese Market

Market to the Australian Chinese Market Wukong Media March 11, 2023

Market to the Australian Chinese Communities.

WeChat marketing? Probs not. Well that could’ve worked three years ago. So what’s the best strategy to engage the Chinese people in Australia in 2023? Keep reading and find out more. 

Public Relations

For established brands seeking to create or maintain a positive public perception within the Australian Chinese market, media advertising presents a promising avenue to accomplish this objective.

Media Coverage

Effectively let the Australian Chinese communities be aware of your business. Suitable for upcoming events and major promotions.



Brand Awareness

Leverage our extensive network to reach a potential audience of up to 1.2 million Australian Chinese, suitable for established brands seeking to cultivate brand awareness within the Australian Chinese market.

Our Services

Little Red Book Marketing

Xiaohongshu or Little Red Book is the leading platform for promoting business to the Australian Chinese market. Our services include KOL campaign, account management and sponsored ads.

WeChat Marketing

WeChat is the Facebook of China. While WeChat ads have been banned in Australia for more than 2 years, it is still one of the most popular platform for Chinese people.  Our services include creating WeChat platforms and run Chinese media ads. 

Chinese Media Ads
At Wukong Media, we are proud to be partnered with some of the largest Chinese media networks in Australia. Our partnerships provide our clients with a unique opportunity to establish a strong brand presence and increase their credibility in the Australia-Chinese market.

Our Process


This will allow us to understand your industry better so that we can create more relevant ads.

Creating Ads

Our experienced team will execute market-informed design and copywriting for your ads.


Reviewing ads with clients, making sure there are no errors before we publish the ads.


We will provide project report upon completion. 

Our Works

Some of Our Clients

Wukong media clients

Get In Touch

Interested in our service? Leave a message and we will get back to you within 1 business day.


As soon as you provide us all the relevant materials, we can get started. We always try to respond to all enquiries within one hour. 

Anything below $2K, you probably won’t see any good results. We always recommend a minimum of $3-5K per campaign. 

No, running ads targeting the Australian Chinese market is significantly different from running Google or Facebook ads. 

Kindly email us if you require additional portfolio samples. We have limited the display to only four client works on this page as we have encountered instances where our competitors have appropriated our portfolio and asserted it as their own.