Pet Food Marketing: Fureeze Pet Treats Wukong Media May 29, 2023

Pet Food Marketing: Fureeze Pet Treats


Wukong Media has aided hundreds of businesses with marketing and website development throughout our four years of operation. We are proud to report that over 80% of our clients have attained profitability through our services, establishing us as a trusted Chinese marketing agency in Australia.

Fureeze Pet Treats, one of our internal projects, stands as a testament to our capabilities. Officially launched by our founder Alex Xiao in June 2022, this venture has allowed us to utilize and showcase our marketing strategies to a great extent.

In this blog, we delve into the specific contributions we have made to Fureeze Pet Treats and highlight some of the successful marketing strategies that have driven our current achievement.

Pet Food Facebook and Instagram Marketing:

For our Fureeze Chicken Breast, Hearts, and Necks campaign, we ran advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. The data we collected from Facebook yielded fascinating insights, revealing a significant demand for the treats among an older demographic, ranging from ages 40 to 65 and above. We targeted this audience with generic interests such as ‘Cat Food’, ‘Dog Food’, and ‘Cat Lovers’.

For this project, we experimented with both the conversion funnel strategy and the drop shipping method. The conversion funnel strategy typically involves three phases: the Top of the Funnel (TOF), Middle of the Funnel (MOF), and Bottom of the Funnel (BOF). Meanwhile, the drop shipping strategy tests different interests to identify the one with the lowest Cost Per Click (CPC), which then becomes the focus until the conversion rate significantly declines.

After evaluating both strategies, it became clear that the conversion funnel strategy was significantly more effective. Combining User-Generated Content (UGC) with the right funnel setup led to a remarkable outcome – we managed to sell out our products within weeks.

Pet Food Marketing Google Ads:

Due to the competitive market for pet food and treats, the Cost Per Click (CPC) of Google Ads tends to be high. For a product like pet treats, which typically have a low Average Order Value (AOV), breaking even with Google Ads presented a considerable challenge. It became apparent that numerous competitors were clicking on our ads, significantly depleting our limited budget.

We utilized a combination of search, shopping, and Performance Max campaigns, among which the Performance Max campaign clearly outperformed the others. However, the Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) was only 180%, insufficient for us to break even. Consequently, we would not recommend Google Ads for pet treats unless your AOV exceeds $80.

Business Wholesale:

As of May 2023, Fureeze has partnered with four distributors. We have not put significant effort into B2B sales, given the extremely low profit margins and consistent stock availability issues. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that wholesalers can expedite the process of brand establishment, enhancing your brand’s presence swiftly in the market.

Supply Chain Issue:

The success of Fureeze is somewhat multifaceted – a yes and no situation, if you will. Many online businesses struggle because, despite high traffic, they fail to convert visitors into customers. At Fureeze, we’ve been fortunate enough to consistently sell out our stock, indicating a robust demand for our products.

However, we have grappled with a significant challenge – the supply chain. Over the past month (May), we’ve devoted considerable resources to sourcing reliable meat suppliers, a task that has tested our perseverance. We’ve finally secured partnerships with suppliers who share our commitment to excellence, which has rekindled our determination. We are on track to make Fureeze thrive again!