Advertising On WeChat – A Step by Step Guide 2023 Wukong Media February 17, 2023

Advertising On WeChat – A Step by Step Guide 2023

WeChat Marketing is a form of advertising and promotion that is specific to the WeChat social media platform, which is a super app in China. It is the most popular way for businesses to advertise in China because of its dominant position in the Chinese social media market.

The advertising system in WeChat is based on Tencent’s program, which enables companies to display promotional content on users’ timelines, also known as My Moment, or at the bottom of WeChat Official Account articles. WeChat ads are designed to help brands grow their account followers, drive traffic to their website, and generate app downloads.

However, WeChat Marketing is more complicated than advertising on Facebook or Instagram due to the different consumer behaviour and algorithms involved. Brands need to have a deep understanding of WeChat users’ preferences, habits, and cultural differences to develop a successful WeChat marketing strategy. This includes using WeChat’s unique features, such as mini-programs and WeChat Pay, to create a more personalised and seamless user experience.

WeChat Marketing is a powerful tool for businesses to reach the Chinese market, but it requires a specific approach and strategy due to the unique characteristics of the WeChat platform and its users.

IMPORTANT: WeChat Sponsored or My Moment, or timeline Ads are no longer active in Australia! You May skip the first section of this article and jump to Topic 2 and 3. 

There are 3 main types of WeChat Marketing: 
  1. ‘My Moment’ Advertising (Inactive)
  2. ‘Official Platform Banner’ & ‘Media Buying’ Advertising
  3. ‘Influencer’ Advertising
1. WeChat My Moment Ads (Inactive)

To put it simply, My Moment ads are similar to Facebook news feed ads. However, it is costly since WeChat wishes to maintain good user experience for users. 

How to advertise on WeChat Moment for Australian businesses?

a) First, your business must fall within the categories that WeChat allows for advertising. These include travel, clothing and accessories, skincare and makeup, home decor, transportation, wedding services, retail, automobiles, general merchandise, lifestyle services, digital devices and home appliances, virtual goods, sports and outdoors, watches and jewelry.

b) You need to register for a WeChat Official Account, which is a prerequisite for My Moment marketing. The registration process may take up to two weeks to complete, depending on Tencent’s processing time. If you need help with the registration process, you can contact a WeChat marketing agency.

c) Once you have registered your WeChat Official Account, you need to become an advertiser by registering for a WeChat advertising account. This step can be complicated if you don’t understand Chinese, so it is recommended that you seek help from a WeChat marketing agency. You will receive a notification if your application is approved by Tencent.

d) After your application is approved, you can start your WeChat advertising campaign. This process is similar to Facebook and Google AdWords, where you can select your targeted audience based on factors such as age, gender, marital status, and location. However, since everything is displayed in Chinese, it is highly recommended that you ask a colleague who understands Chinese to operate the campaign.

In summary, to start WeChat marketing for your business, you need to ensure that your business falls within the allowed categories, register for a WeChat Official Account, become an advertiser, and then start your advertising campaign.


2. WeChat Official Platform Media Advertising

There are many popular media platforms on WeChat with a large user base (find out more). Businesses can publish articles and run ads through these platforms. There are various forms for media advertising on WeChat. You can design banner ads or publish headline news. Advertising in the Australian Chinese media typically ranges from $500 to $20K+. 

The image above is showing new articles a media company called Yeeyi publishes. The main article (in this case ACY Make Your Move) has the highest click-through rate with 15K views. This is one of the best ways to target the Chinese market however it does have a hefty price tag of avg. $6500 per article depending on which media company you collaborate with. 


3. WeChat KOL Marketing (Uncommon as RED is a better for KOL marketing)

Influencer marketing is essential for businesses to engage with Chinese consumers. There are many Australian products using influencer marketing such as A2 baby formula. An average KOL on Chinese social media is 10X more effective than Instagram influencers. Chinese people love following trends and they always check reviews before making purchases. 

KOLs on WeChat is different from TikTok, RED or Instagram as WeChat users can only have up to maximum 5,000 contacts per account; on the other hand, TikTok and Instagram can have unlimited followers. As a result, you have to be very specific when it comes to finding WeChat KOLs. For example, if you own a tutoring centre, then your best KOLs are migration agents. With only $100 – $200, you may gain multiple leads; providing far better results than all other types of marketing strategies

At Wukong Media, we have many contacts of KOLs across a variety of industries. Make sure to contact us if you haven’t already so we can provide the latest information for your business to grow in the Australian Chinese market!

Wukong Media is dedicated to help out all Australian SMEs to achieve their goals. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Alex Xiao 肖潇